Avail profitable bpo projects

You may have noticed that many small & big BPO (Business Process & Outsourcing) companies have emerged across the globe. You can avail bpo projects from reliable consultants like Delta Bpo Solutions. But then, you need to know what BPO is all about to ensure you take the right steps to having a profitable venture.

What is a BPO?

In this business practice, an organization outsources its essential business tasks to some qualified external service provider. Initially, the organization identifies the process, essential for its operations. Mostly, it is the repetitive tasks like accounting or payroll that are outsourced to third parties. The outsourcing company is to have proper and thorough knowledge of the process. The company giving out this task is also likely to provide essential knowledge and training to the third party company. This is mostly if the process involves some complex aspects and requires specialization. Data entry projects involving complex calculations will require proper knowledge provided by the company officials. The company that specializes in such processes will be in a better position to deliver better and quick results.

The manufacturing industry is rather considered to be the primary sector to outsource various types of tasks. Third party vendors can manage efficiently supply chain parts. They can bring in more cost efficiencies, speed and skills to that particular process when compared to in-house team.

BPO use has currently expanded to cover profitable businesses, non-profitable businesses as well as government agencies.

Their use

Organizations generally hire BPO companies to take care of two major work segments, namely front-office and back-office functions.

At times, Back-office functions are also referred to as internal business functions. It includes IT (Information Technology), accounting, payment processing, quality assurance and human resources.

On the other hand, front-office functions include sales, marketing and customer relation services.

BPO contracts may even involve outsourcing the organization’s entire functional area to any specific vendor like the HR Department. Often specific processes are outsourced within functional area. Payroll process could be outsourced, but minus other HR processes that will be retained.

Some of the commonly outsourced processes are:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Customer services
  • Manufacturing
  • IT services & management
  • Research
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Marketing & sales

Surveys conducted showed that small businesses outsourced most of their technical tasks. Following is the breakup of the processes outsourced with percentage:

  • Accounting – 37%
  • IT services – 37%
  • Digital marketing – 34%

Both small & large businesses do benefit immensely by outsourcing their tedious and repetitive tasks to BPO companies.

BPOs do offer front & back-office functions including digital services like social media marketing.

A few companies can also be found to outsource strategic tasks like data analytics, data mining. These are vital for companies to maintain competitive advantage especially in today’s digital economy.

Discussing with the professionals at Delta Bpo Solutions can help you to avail and own a call center franchise. They will provide you a process that will suit your expertise, knowledge, temperament and investment.