With the compulsory stay at home order and the lockdown, an important sector that offers enormous business opportunities is the healthcare sector. While it is the sector that is directly affected by the virus, the opportunities present are open to all. And does not require specialized knowledge in the healthcare field to be successful with the opportunities, below are some healthcare based businesses you can start in the lockdown. Delta Bpo Solutions are always here to guide you through the steps, more information on this can be obtained on Delta Bpo LinkedIn and Delta Bpo .

  1. Manufacturing or wholesale of masks: the use of face mask has been made compulsory by most governments all over the world, this situation opens up a major business opportunity in India and other parts of the world. If you cannot get involved in the manufacturing of the face mask you can easily link up with a wholesale trader or chose to be the sole distributor of the producer. With the world running out of surgical mask almost all the time, getting into this business can prove to be very lucrative and demands little to start with. Delta Bpo Solutions  is always here to help you scale through your business in manufacturing or wholesale of the mask.
  2. Manufacturing or wholesale of sanitizers: The production of alcohol-based sanitizers had been encouraged as a way of fighting the corona virus pandemic and its transmission. The sanitizer is said to be able to prevent one’s chances of contracting the virus, this truth which the world has accepted has created a need. The manufacturing of hand sanitizers can incredibly boost your earnings as the demand for sanitizers are still on the high. Becoming a sole distributor for a producer can also give you an edge above others.You can easily get advice, support and necessary assistance from Delta BPO solutions,on how to build and grow your sanitizer business.
  3. Manufacturing and wholesome of ventilators: ventilators have played an important role in combating the corona virus pandemic and are still in need today, the important role ventilators play, has increased the call for more supply of ventilator. This opens up a lucrative market in the healthcare sector, which can serve as a strong means of revenue and profit. Chance’s are that the ventilators can be sold to countries in need. Delta Bpo Solutions can help you, every step of the way and guide you to achieve success with your manufacturing and wholesale of ventilators.

Venturing into the healthcare sector during this lockdown is an act you should consider necessary as more countries continue to go in search of ventilators and other healthcare facilities to buy. Information on this and other opportunities on the healthcare sector. Delta Bpo will always give you necessary steps on this and other great opportunities, to help build, grow and also sustain your chosen business.