The Outsourcing services by Bpo franchisee are transforming our lives. We are witnessing a great revolution that is generating important changes and ease in consumer buying habits.

All of this makes, is simply because companies like Delta Bpo Facebook have taken electronic commerce or e-commerce grow by leaps and bounds, more and more purchases of all kinds are made through electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones.

What does Delta’s E-commerce Inbound service provide?

Electronic commerce or e-commerce by Delta Bpo Solution refers to Start new business in commercial transactions of products or services that are carried out through the internet. This digital buying and selling are carried out specifically on web pages and / or virtual platforms designed by Delta.

The consideration of e-commerce includes any transaction that has been carried out electronically: from the use of credit cards on the Internet to online stores. Consequently, we provide the sales channel through which the customer obtains your product or service from anywhere, from any device.

Types of electronic commerce handled by Delta Bpo Facebook:

There are various fields to take into account in this type of trade. Commonly, the different types of models are linked to the acronyms of the fields to which they refer.

We provide the company, consumers, administration, investors, and employees. This typology is the most used by online stores. Accessing our favourite store in digital format and interacting and requesting products or services as end consumers lead us towards the e-commerce inbound model.

Another model focuses on a New business opportunities relationship between the company and its suppliers or intermediaries, but not with the final consumer.

It is one of the most common models, normally it is a wholesale sale, which you can only access if you are a company. It is about taking advantage of the advantages offered by the digital world and being able to carry out transactions between individuals. It is the trade in which the final consumer obtains the product through a consumer who has put it up for sale on a digital platform at a lower price.

Administrations have also established electronic commerce in our digital procedures. This type of trade is linked to the digital authentication of the identity through portals that are accessed to make the payment of any fee that comes from the administration.

Advantages of E-commerce inbound projects at Delta BPO Solutions:

Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of digital commerce with Delta resides in the accessibility to any product or service of a company. However, there are many more advantages:

  • Always available: 24 hours a day, every day of the year, e-commerce is available for those consumers who want to consult or purchase any product at any time of the day.
  • Savings: Undoubtedly, since transactions are not carried out in a physical store, there is a lower cost than in facilities, furniture, insurance, human equipment, etc.

Expand the database: Electronic commerce provides us with high-value marketing information about the client and their preferences which helps to Start new business.