Data Entry Projects are a type of clerical work that involves using various processes like typing and voice recording for entering data into computers. Data entry operators work in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, finance, etc. This has been the most trending job these days and can easily great amount of income. There are certain projects/ campaigns available with Delta Bpo Solutions which can be performed by various people under the data entry field. People prefer this particular job these days because this field has great scope for future perspective and income.

To fetch this particular job you just need to have some basic skills like knowledge of computers, good typing skills, and accuracy. If you have all of this it makes it so easy for you to work on a data entry project. But, as we know everything has some cons to it. In order to work on Data entry Projects you should get in contact with Delta Bpo Solutions and create liaisons with client companies who are outsourcing these processes.

There are various BPO sectors who help out people, make it easy for them to work, and make their business easygoing with the help of conversing of their PDFs to excel files, word files, HTML tagging, etc. It makes their work easy from a business perspective. The simple solution to overcome business challenges is to outsource online data entry services to experts. Almost all business owners and business managers have realized and considered that outsourcing online data entry services has benefited their businesses a lot.

Some positions here include scanning documents and using optical character recognition or OCR. Some examples of data entry job duties include transcribing, updating customer information, and entering accounting records.

There are several types of data entry services. These include basic, online, formatting, conversion, and transcription. Basic data entry involves a specialist reading a document and typing it into processing software.

The numerous data entry tasks can be grouped into four major categories based on their nature: Data cleansing, Data Classification, Data Processing, and Data Conversion.

• Data cleansing: It is a format or process of deleting all the unnecessary junk within a database. It fixes or removes incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset.

• Data Classification: It is the process of categorizing and organizing the data into different categories based on the characteristics and properties of the item. It also helps to store the information by sorting it so that it can be easily accessed and filtered.

• Data Processing: It occurs when data is collected and translated into usable information. Usually performed by a data scientist or team of data scientists.

• Data Conversion: It is the last process of Data Entry. It is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment, data is encoded in a variety of ways.


There are number of data entry which has been offered by the industry and businessman considers it as a surplus for their business.

• MANUAL DATA ENTRY: This service refers to the manual input of data into the specific file format, where the data source is also manually created. In this, they care about everything, for instance, spelling, punctuation marks, etc.

• DATA ENTRY: General data entry services include all those service domains that require only the entering of data from one format to another, like PDF to Excel, Word to Excel, Image to Excel, PDF to Word, etc.

• ACCOUNTING DATA ENTRY: It is used for a shorter span of time with higher accuracy. It is not time-consuming and with the help of the whole digital process it makes it very easy and convenient.

• ONLINE DATA ENTRY: Online data entry is highly used for e-Commerce websites and firms having an online business. It is used for smooth business operations.

• REMOTE DATA ENTRY: If your business is not located at the same place where your clients are. Remote Data entry can be the best way to collect all the data. It is cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient to outsource remote data entry services if you are located at a remote place.

• DATABASE DATA ENTRY: It comprises of various details related to a specific function or operation and requires professional skills to create a database and enter every minute detail required for the specific purpose of your business. There are plenty of companies which provide data entry projects at a very reasonable rate. Investing in such things means creating a highly defined business with a good margin. It is considered to be the backbone of a business. Without it, everything can be disorganized and a business cannot run in a proper manner. It gives you relevant data which is needed.